EZ-DB2 MouseDrill

MouseDrill allows your mouse to be used to simulate certain PF-keys while in a 3270 window.

This enables the drilling and scrolling used to navigate EZ-DB2 menus and reports to be driven by the mouse. Currently, this version of EZ-DB2 MouseDrill only works in Windows environments.

EZ-DB2 Usage

A right mouse click (PF3) typically moves back from a screen or report to the immediately higher level report or screen.

A double-left click (PF4 or DRILL) drills down into a lower level report or screen. In addition, it is possible to double-click to select many menu items or reports as well as the "More: >" and "< :More" indicators to effect a scroll right or scroll left.

3270 Emulators

EZ-DB2 MouseDrill will only operate when the cursor is detected as being inside a 3270 window. It does this by looking for a certain string in the window title. By default it is set up for Attachmate Extra! i.e. the recognition string is EXTRA! which appears as part of the title in every Attachmate 3270 window. This setting can be tailored to your 3270 emulator.

Please click here… to download Mousedrill. See the ReadMe.txt and install.txt files in the downloaded zip file, for installation and usage instructions. There is also an EZ-Clip showing how to install and use MouseDrill, which can be viewed here...