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    Workload Centric Index Optimization with EZ-DB2

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    Index tuning is one of the most powerful tools available to improve application and system performance. Indeed, where packaged software or dynamic SQL is concerned, it may be the only option. However, due to lack of DBA resources, Index Tuning is often approached in a “fire-fighting” mode, whereby indexes are designed to meet the needs of particular problematic SQL without regard to the overall effect on the workload.

    To design the perfect set of indexes for an entire workload, taking into account execution frequency and index maintenance costs is not a trivial task. Indeed, It would be virtually impossible to meet this challenge without an automated tool.

    This presentation describes the EZ-DB2 index design tools, including EZ-Index Analyzer and EZ-XOP, which uses a unique patented process that actually takes advantage of the DB2 Optimizer to derive the optimal index configuration for an SQL workload.


    DB2 and Virtual Reality

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    First IBM gave us virtual indexes. With virtual indexes we can easily test the impact of creating and dropping indexes. Now IBM has  given us DB2 environment virtualization. With environment virtualization we can simulate, in TEST, production environment characteristics such as CPU count, CPU speed and buffer sizes. In this webinar, we will look at these new DB2 features, their benefits, and how they have been fully exploited in EZ-DB2.

    EZ-DB for CA-IDMS Product Data Sheets

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