EZ-DB Solutions for CA IDMS

Meet CA IDMS Mission Critical Needs with EZ-DB

The EZ-DB solutions for CA IDMS operational advantage are among the leading third party tools for CA IDMS. The EZ-DB tools are in use at many of the world's largest CA IDMS installations. One EZ-DB user is ranked, according to the Winter Corporation's survey of very large databases, as having the second largest OLTP database on any platform.The EZ-DB Solutions for CA IDMS include:

  • EZ-Reorg Re-org your CA IDMS Production database while it remains online, and available for Update and Retrieval.

  • EZ-RSTU Many IDMS users have already realized the significant benefits of the EZ-Reorg product which allows users to reorganize their CA IDMS databases while they are fully available for retrieval and update. EZ-RSTU provides the same functionality for database restructure. Think of the advantages of being able to perform database reorgs and restructures while your CA IDMS systems are up and running, instead of overnight or on holiday weekends.

  • EZ-Image Operate as if you have multiple copies of a CA IDMS database, while in reality there is only one copy of the underlying database. Test ADS/O dialogs, IDMS-DC programs and batch programs against production data, without incurring the overhead of duplicating the entire production database. Have a private test database for each user or group of users. Test re-structures to the production database and estimate all of the required resources ahead of time.

  • EZ-Synchro, EZ-Share, EZ-XMVS Share CA IDMS database files and buffer pools among CV's, Local Mode jobs or any combination of CV's and Local Mode jobs running on separate LPAR's or different physical machines. Supports CA IDMS dataspaces and "above-the-bar" (64-bit) buffer pools.

  • EZ-SoftQuiesce How difficult are you finding it to schedule your overnight batch runs around your backup requirements? Even if you currently use HotBackup techniques, do you find scheduling a quiesce point on your database (i.e. Varying the areas to offline or retrieval) is becoming more and more difficult? With EZ-SoftQuiesce you no longer need to Vary Areas at all. Any online or batch jobs can continue to run across the quiesce point. EZ-SoftQuiesce performs all the necessary work to ensure that the subsequent backups are secure and a powerful journal concatenation tool is used for any subsequent recovery.

  • EZ-Test How do you test your period-end processing? An important issue is reliable and realistic Test Data. If you use "time travel" routines with current data, the results may be illogical or unpredictable. EZ-Test is the most complete CA IDMS Date Simulation testing solution. Functionality includes "date simulation" as well as the often overlooked "data aging." EZ Test dynamically ages existing data to ensure data integrity and consistency to test period-end processing.

  • EZ-Megabuf Sequential Utilize efficient TRKs/CYLs EXCP I/O's and allocate huge sequential pre-fetch buffers in XA or ESA dataspaces. Automatically detect sequential processing in both forward and backward direction.