The only complete date manipulation testing tool for the IDMS environment. Fully supports ADS, Batch and CICS programming environments.

While originally developed to facilitate testing for Y2K, EZ-TEST is still the perfect tool for testing applications period-end processing.

For testing period end processing (eg Year End), an important issue is reliable and realistic Test Data. If you use "time travel" routines with current data, the results may be illogical or unpredictable. For instance, if you want to test an application as if it were December 31st 2003, you require meaningful underlying data. Otherwisethe test results may be illogical.IDMS sites realize the complexity of generating meaningful test databases. Add to that the associated cost of DASD,and the DBA resources required in generation, population and support of those multiple testdatabases. With EZ-Test, you can test with existing data and be assured of data integrity andconsistency.EZ-Test will simulate required dates for testing of ADS/O, DC, CICS and Batch programs. For a user-specified list of date fields, EZ-Test will automatically and dynamically shif tdates forward at run-time upon retrieving data; then shift dates back upon inserting or updating the data. EZ-Test will adjust dates held in the database by an amount determined by theassumed current date.

No need to generate data-specific test databasesEZ-Test utilizes existing data, ensuring data integrity and consistency to test period-end programs. It is very likely that you would otherwise need to have multiple test databases. With EZ-Test in tandem with DB-Image, multiple users can test against the same database using different simulated dates at the same time.

EZ-Test Benefits Summary

The most complete IDMS Date Simulation testing solution

  • Fully supports "time travel" or simulated future/past dates.

  • Takes existing data, with user specified date fields, and advances it to correspond with the simulated future dates.

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