We've all seen the problems associated with using Bachman diagrams while developing our applications:

  • Out of date information in the diagrams.

  • Hard to read because someone crammed everything onto a single sheet

  • Hard to read because the diagram's now been photocopied 10 times!

  • Hard to read because I don't know where I've put the diagram!

  • Hard to find the information I need amongst all the records and sets shown.

IDMS SchemaViewer is your solution to all of these problems, providing easier and more accurate Schema information for Developers.

SchemaViewer removes all of these obstacles, by providing the Developer or DBA with a PC Windows application that has a number of components which work together to provide an easy and intuitive navigation of an IDMS schema design.

SchemaViewer and SchemaDraw take their input from standard CA-IDMS Schema Reports, which are loaded onto the PC and then 'compiled' by either SchemaViewer or SchemaDraw. Once created the compiled files can be shared between SchemaViewer and SchemaDraw.The main design concepts of IDMS SchemaViewer are:

  • Areas and Records are shown in dropdown lists.

  • Once selected a record's structure is displayed.

  • Owner and member records are shown along with set information.

  • Interactive navigation of owner and member records can be performed.

  • Only information relative to the selected record is shown.

SchemaViewer is designed to be installed on each Developers workstation. The SchemaViewer file itself can either reside on a server, or be distributed to each Developer.

Although SchemaViewer is a separate tool to SchemaDraw, it is designed to complement SchemaDraw as a tool for Developers requiring a quick, simple but above all accurate view of the Schema structure.

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