IDMS SchemaDraw provides trouble-free creation, editing and maintenance for your project database diagrams by sourcing schema information directly from the IDMS dictionary.

The main design concepts of IDMS SchemaDraw are:

  • A single project, with multiple diagrams the IDMS SchemaDraw project file is based on a particular schema version.

  • The schema version shares the same compiled data format as IDMS SchemaView diagram creation and editing is naturally driven by the data and the structures of the schema.

  • A single diagram fits on a single printed page.

  • Schema updates / changes can automatically be reflected in existing SchemaDraw diagrams.

  • Additional reports and views are provided for cross-reference data and schema comparisons.

SchemaDraw obtains the information from the output from a standard IDMS Schema Report. You simply drag and drop the Record Names from a dropdown list onto the required diagram. All the Record and Set Information is included automatically, and without typing errors! Set links are intuitive and automatically connect the appropriate records.

One of the most important benefits of SchemaDraw comes when you update your Schema. Simply run a new Schema Report and ask SchemaDraw to compare it to the old Report. All diagrams can then be updated automatically!

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