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EZ-Alerts for DB2 on z/OS

Identify Static and Dynamic SQL that does not conform to site coding standards or access path guidelines.

Solution Description

Highlight Static and Dynamic SQL that does not adhere to site coding standards or with "potentially undesirable access paths" such as table scan, non-matching index scan. When used in Test, QA and Production, the quality and consistency of new and existing applications is guaranteed.

Business Opportunity

EZ-Alerts is both a tuning tool and a QA tool. Use it to Identify problem programs/SQL statements that breach coding standards or predefined performance rules. You can use in it test/QA against programs before they have a chance to impact production.

Identifying and fixing rogue SQL statements improves overall system performance. • Avoid degraded performance resulting from SQL not adhering to site coding or access path standards. • Improved business productivity. • Better utilization of valuable DBA resource.

Detailed Solution Description

How do you identify the SQL Statements that may be dragging down your DB2 performance?

  • EZ-Alerts Is a component of EZ-DB2 which provides detailed analysis and reporting against a Workload captured by EZ-Tracer or EZ-Cache or imported into the EZ-DB2 SQL Warehouse.

  • EZ-Alerts can be used as a tuning tool to identify problem high cost SQL in a live environment and also to ensure the integrity of SQL coming out of Development after making application changes.

  • EZ-Alerts is Workload-centric, which means the displays take into account the relative cost of the statements within the Workload. For example, a display of SQL performing table space scans will show the SQL sorted in descending cost sequence - allowing you to zoom-in and fix the statements that will make the most significant difference.

  • You may specify thresholds for table scan, CPU, Get Page and Timeron alerts.

  • When used in conjunction with EZ-Impact Analyzer, you can easily see the alerts that may have been added or dropped as a consequence of an environmental change or application modification.

EZ-Alerts Reports:-

  • EZ-Alerts Identifies high cost Plans,Collections, Packages, Programs, SQL, Tables etc. within the context of the workload taking into account execution frequency.

  • EZ-Alerts reports on both static and dynamic SQL

  • EZ-Alerts Identifies SQL access paths that breach specified criteria.

  • EZ-Alerts allows the user to select from a list of predefined Alerts, such as table space scans, non-matching index scans, join more than n tables, etc.