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EZ-Impact Analyzer

SQL Access Path Impact Analysis & Change Management

EZ-Impact Analyzer is the industry’s only Workload-Centric & Workload-Aware solution for DB2 SQL access path impact analysis. EZ-Impact Analyzer predicts (e.g. before REBIND) or determines (e.g. after REBIND) the impact of application and system changes on Static and Dynamic SQL access paths. EZ-Impact Analyzer highlights the impact to access paths resulting from environmental changes such as REORGs, RUNSTATS, application migration, new indexes, database changes, new DB2 releases, new APARS, etc. Only EZ-Impact Analyzer weights access path impact costs by Workload SQL Distribution for a true understanding of critical and non-critical impact.

When migrating applications between DB2 subsystems (e.g. QA to Production), Impact Analyzer lets the DBA:

  • Compare QA access paths with current production access paths.

  • Predict how QA access paths will change when migrating to production

  • Predict how production access paths will change when migrating to production

  • When migrating to a New DB2 Release, Impact Analyzer allows the user to predict the Impact on access paths of Vnext

Impact analysis may be conducted against SQL found in the catalog or DBRMLIBs (for Static SQL) or against a Workload captured using EZ-Tracer or EZ-Cache. Impact analysis can be conducted against both Static and Dynamic SQL. Impact analysis against a Workload captured using EZ-Tracer or EZ-Cache yields the additional benefit of weighting impact costs by Workload SQL Distribution.

When combined with EZ-Cache to capture Dynamic SQL Workloads, EZ-Impact Analyzer may be used for change impact analysis for packaged applications including SAP® and PeopleSoft®.

When combined with EZ-STATS, EZ-Impact Analyzer is the only way to safely perform RUNSTATS where Dynamic SQL is a concern. This combination allows ‘pre-RUNSTATS’ statistics to be instantly restored in the event the impact of the RUNSTATS on Dynamic SQL performance is deemed unacceptable. The impact to access paths can then be analyzed at leisure and the SQL remediated and/or statistics tweaked to alleviate the impact before running RUNSTATS again.

The use of EZ-Impact Analyzer helps predict otherwise unforeseen negative impact to systems resulting from application migration and environment changes. With EZ-Impact Analyzer, the DBA can take pre-emptive action to prevent undesirable changes and can better maintain critical service levels.