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Powerful Tuning & Operational Solutions for DB2 & IDMS

EZ-DB2 - The Ultimate DB2 Tuning Tool

SQL response time, throughput and resource utilization are never ending challenges faced by the DB2 database administrator.Organizations face ever increasing volumes of dynamic SQL from distributed sources including Java and .Net applications, ad hoc query reporting tools, and packaged applications including SAP® and PeopleSoft®. Ensuring that SQL performance meets the needs of the business while avoiding excessive resource consumption and expensive CPU upgrades is a constant battle.Once acceptable performance levels are established, the DBA must prevent performance degradation when changing applications, performing routine DBA maintenance or installing new DB2 releases.The EZ-DB2® family of DB2 performance optimization solutions offers unique capabilities to help the DB2 DBA meet these challenges. The use of EZ-DB2 results in substantial CPU savings and a more efficient, stable DB2 environment.
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EZ-DB - Operational Advantage for CA-IDMS

The EZ-DB solutions for CA-IDMS operational advantage are amoung the leading third party tools for CA-IDMS. The EZ-DB tools are in use at many of the world's largest CA-IDMS installations. One EZ-DB user is ranked, according to the Winter Corporation's survey of very large databases, as having the second largerst OLTP database on any platform.The EZ-DB solutions for CA-IDMS include solutions for 24x7 update availability during backups, database reorgs and restructures.
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