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Workload-Centric SQL Tuning for DB2

EZ-DB2 takes a unique end-to-end ‘Workload-Centric & Workload-Aware’ approach to performance optimization. The EZ-DB2 approach first captures an SQL Workload then identifies ‘top-n’ SQL statements by Consolidating statistics (e.g. total CPU consumed) across all instances of like SQLs in the Workload. EZ-DB2 Consolidates statistics for ’otherwise identical’ statements even when such statements have different literals and other variable information. In effect, EZ-DB2 determines how the Workload is distributed across its Consolidated SQL statements (“Workload SQL Distribution”) then provides the tools to leverage this information to help better manage and optimize Workload performance.

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EZ-DB - Operational Advantage for CA IDMS

The EZ-DB solutions for CA IDMS operational advantage are among the leading third party tools for CA IDMS. The EZ-DB tools are in use at many of the world's largest CA IDMS installations. One EZ-DB user is ranked, according to the Winter Corporation's survey of very large databases, as having the second largest OLTP database on any platform.The EZ-DB solutions for CA IDMS include solutions for 24x7 update availability during backups, database reorgs and restructures.

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EZ DB2 is the best thing since shirt pockets and sliced bread combined. Just last month EZ DB2 identified an sql that decided to go south after running for several months ‘with no problems’ and was pegging out both of our machines in data sharing. Quick 5 minute trace to identify bad sql, add an index and minor sql change and problem gone. EZ DB2 to the rescue.
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Major Consumer Electronics Retailer - Oct 2014

See how the US division of a prestige European automobile manufacturer achieved savings of over 25% of its DB2 CPU utilization by using EZ-DB2.

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