Syncsort Aquire Cogito

Syncsort Inc. has acquired Cogito Limited

We are excited to announce, that Cogito is now a Syncsort company! This is a positive step and an exciting evolution in the 27-year history of Cogito.

We believe that there are many opportunities to share technical know-how between Syncsort and Cogito engineers. Syncsort will be retaining all of Cogito’s engineers. Working together we can exploit each other’s technology to, for example, make EZ-DB2 performance data and CA IDMS™ system log messages available to Splunk using Syncsort’s white-hot Ironstream product.

We can take advantage of the additional financial and staff resources to innovate — not only keep our products ahead of the competition, but leave them even further behind. Both Syncsort and Cogito engineers see compelling innovation ahead as we join forces.

Another important reason why the acquisition made sense is the alignment of priorities between Cogito and Syncsort. Both companies are deeply focused on continually providing world class, market-leading service and support. Cogito has been providing that for 27 years and Syncsort has been doing that for all of its 48 years.

This was really important, because we want our customers to enjoy the added benefits of this acquisition without losing one iota of the service levels they now take for granted. Customer access to support remains unchanged via the same phone numbers, email or web support portal you use today.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything further you need to know about this exciting development.

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